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Jim (JD) Nashu brings his sweet/sultry/incisive lead guitar licks to Whose Blues.   His playing can subtly complement a song when it's called for but will also deliver a searing, gritty tonality that is the definition of blues guitar.   Jim also adds his vocal dynamics to the song list
Rich Bonner adds his tasteful, almost jazz tinged drumming style to the band.   His percussive undercurrent provides smooth bluesy rhythms that underscore the band's trademark sound.
TK (Terrence Kelly) sings and plays harmonica for Whose Blues.   His smooth vocals contain a hint of the classic whiskey-soaked burn that is the hallmark of the blues.   His intricate, sometimes reserved, sometimes brash harp playing mimics his rich singing and is intrinsic to the Whose Blues sound.
Scott Lukomski's bass work is the glue that holds everything together. His solid grooves are essential in an authentic blues band.

Whose Blues was formed (after several to be expected misfires) to celebrate our collective appreciation for the blues.   While there are those who feel that 'the blues' must meet some specific genre definition (country blues, southern blues, delta blues, Chicago electric blues, etc)our thought is to select songs we like and do justice to them in our style....which we call Whose Blues!


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