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Review of Whose Blues show at Fini's Landing 4/28

"We all enjoyed it. You sounded good, both individually and collectively. Your bass drum is nice and tight, with a bit of punch. I like that. Terrance makes a great front man for the group. He's the real deal in terms of his singing and harp playing; very good. And his eccentricity provides just the right personality to the group.

Scott has a good ear for balance. He blends well with you. In fact the band was well balanced in general.  

Jim has a very cool sound. The OCD pedal he uses is more commonly associated with heavier forms of rock but it works great for him. I'm guessing that he uses a modest amount of distortion or maybe he just has a very light touch. That neck humbucker pickup mounted on a Tele body has a really nice round tone with just a little bit of top-end bite. His vibrato and general feel are great.

I think as you gain performance experience as ​a group and settle into working together things should come together very nicely.

Anyway, it was fun"


Phil Griffin - Professional Touring Guitarist who's played with Prince, Chuck Berry, and others

Whose Blues Hits Tucson

It's taken  a while to put together this 'right' blues combo but now that we're cookin' we're ready play some funky, laid back, mellow, raucous (choose your favorite when you come and see us) blues


Whose Blues Recordings Available Now

Whose Blues recorded a number of their favorite songs recently at Jim Brady Studio in Tucson.    The session was a full blown success.   Check out the music page to sample and/or buy our cool blues.

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